Hi, I'm Nadja

I grew up in a multicultural environment and have always kept it that way. 


I work and do research in 5 languages. This gives me pathways into differing worlds, cultures and viewpoints. My work experience has also been varying from trend research, concept development, target group research, movie production, project management, graphic design, to managing social media.


I have studied a multitude of subjects, including sociology, pop culture, anthropology, philosophy, gender studies, religion and art. 


Currently I am finishing up my bachelors degree in trend studies with a minor in powerplay in social practices. 


I believe that curiosity is more than just a handy tool for connection: it's at the core of human relationships across cultures and languages, and can benefit in all areas of life. 

My TEDxTalk
Positive curiosity and kindness are a bridge
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My family’s migrations
Video I produced for the competition "Migrants in Europe"